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Handbook of Diabetes Management

Handbook of Diabetes Management

Donna Zazworsky, Jane Nelson Bolin, Vicki Gaubeca
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The growing problem of diabetes presents difficult challenges for sufferers and for those in the healthcare professions, who are in the unenviable position of trying to convince patients to change their lifestyle "for their own good." Handbook of Diabetes Management provides practical knowledge and advice that can help you anticipate the challenges of working with these Patients. What's more, since the knowledge here is evidence-based, you can assure your patients that the guidelines you're presenting to them have been shown to be effective. This guide takes into account the complexity of the disease, the diversity of the populations it affects, and the continued improvement of care systems. It discusses the origins of diabetes and medication management and treatment, then presents advice based on the latest research findings on: -behavioral health and self-management issues and interventions -tips for patients dealing with issues such as travel, surgery, and foot care -treating specific patient populations including Latinos, Native Americans, rural communities, and the uninsured -case studies from successful, replicable programs Also addressing the business aspects of diabetes care related to such areas as legal and regulatory issues and health policy initiatives, Handbook of Diabetes Management, brings you practical insights based on the latest research. "This handbook book by expert professionals covers every aspect of diabetic care. It is a sound, evidence-based, culturally informative, practical approach to diabetes prevention and disease management." -Kathleen Lambert, BSN, RN, JD, from the Foreword
ISBN/ISSN: 9780387234908

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